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Sometimes I Forget He is Dead

Dedicated to my late Grandfather: Joel Rhein

I think to myself about yesterday,

Yesterday we fished by the pond,

I think about his grey whisper beard,

I turn to in question to see him respond.

Sometimes I forget he is gone,

I forget that yesterday was not the day before today

I forget he has ceased to answer my wonderings,

I forget he has gone away.

I loved him so,

I loved him so much I forgot to recall,

Why remember he’s gone,

When I can forget his fall.

Without him I am ignorant,

But I never thought it was a blissful time,

I forget he’s gone with a gave by my feet,

I sit in prison for my victimless crime.

I forget he is dead,

The word escapes me these days,

They run full throttle,

Avoiding the place that he lays.

I was there I’m sure,

When he was given back to the earth,

But my stapped smile returns,

As the delusions give birth.

I forget he is dead,

I reach over to say,

How funny it was,

What I saw the other day.

I occasionally worry,

About a plan, we wished for,

How did I forget,

I should have planned it before.

I find myself reminiscing on the good times,

As if there was nothing to regret,

I never thought this day would come,

Where I would remember and not forget.

I miss him,

But how can I,

He is right here,

And that is my biggest lie.

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